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Using Activity Files

Outdoor activities are usually recorded as GPX or FIT files. Some apps like OsmAnd give you these files.

Create a directory somewhere, this will be your playground. I have mine in ~/Dokumente/Karten/Playground, but you can put yours wherever you would like.

Inside Playground, create another directory Activities where your activity files will go. You will need to put at least one activity file in there, otherwise the program cannot start. The program will not modify files in that directory and treat them as read-only.

Directory structure

Some activity file formats contain metadata. You can also add metadata via the file name and by putting into a directory. If you prefer to have the metadata from the path and filename to override what is inside the file, add the following line to the top of your configuration file:

prefer_metadata_from_file = false

With that disabled, you are free to do the following.

Inside the Activities you can dump all your files in a flat fashion. If you want to add some more metadata, use the following directory layout.

The first directory level will indicate the type of the activity. You can pick whatever make sense for you, classic options are ride, run, walk, hike. Then the second level will indicate your equipment. You can use terms like “rental bike”, the brand and make of your shoes or whatever you find sensible. Specifying the equipment allows to track the total distance traveled with a given equipment.

At any level you can have a special directory Commute. All activities inside of that will be marked as commutes and not highlighted as much as non-commute activities. The idea is that you can find your cool activities along potentially many commutes.

Other directory names on the third level will just be ignored, you can use those to organize your activities further in some sense.

Let us take the following directory/file structure as an example:

├── Commute
│   └── From the Beach.gpx
├── Ride
│   └── Rental Bike
│       ├── Beach Rides
│       │   └── Breskens.gpx
│       └── Zwin.gpx
├── To Piazza.gpx
└── Walk
    ├── Commute
    │   └── To the Beach.gpx
    ├── New Balance Fresh Foam 860v11
    │   ├── Beach Walk.gpx
    │   └── Commute
    │       └── From Piazza.gpx
    └── Nieuvfliet.gpx

You can see that I have one file on the top level (To Piazza.gpx), a file on the first level (Walk/Nieuvfliet.gpx), some on the second level (Ride/Rental Bike/Zwin.gpx), one commute (Walk/New Balance Fresh Foam 860v11/Commute/From Piazza.gpx) and one with a group directory which isn't commuting (Ride/Rental Bike/Dunes in Sluis/Breskens.gpx). From this the program will extract the following metadata:

Name Type Equipment Commute
From the Beach None None Yes
Breskens Ride Rental Bike No
Zwin Ride Rental Bike No
To Piazza None None No
To the Beach Walk None Yes
Beach Walk Walk New Balance Fresh Foam 860v11 No
From Piazza Walk New Balance Fresh Foam 860v11 Yes
Nieuwvliet Walk None No

The file name of your activity will become the name of the activity.

Supported file formats

At the moment the following file formats are supported:

  1. FIT
  2. GPX
  3. TCX

Next steps

Once you have your files put into the directory, you're all set and can proceed with the next steps.