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Moving from Strava

If you have been using Strava up to this point but want to use this project from now on, this is the correct guide. Here I will show how you can convert your data from Strava into the format of this project and keep adding new data without Strava in the future.

Download your archive from Strava

Go to the Strava account download page and request a download of your data. This will take a while and you get a notification via e-mail when it is done.

Once it has run through, you will be able to download a ZIP file. Once extracted, it will have a structure like this:

├── activities  [2217 entries exceeds filelimit, not opening dir]
├── activities.csv
├── applications.csv
├── bikes.csv
├── blocks.csv
├── categories_of_personal_information_we_collect.pdf
├── clubs
├── clubs.csv
├── comments.csv
├── community_content.json
├── community_personal_data.json
├── components.csv
├── connected_apps.csv
├── contacts.csv
├── email_preferences.csv
├── events.csv
├── favorites.csv
├── flags.csv
├── followers.csv
├── following.csv
├── general_preferences.csv
├── global_challenges.csv
├── goals.csv
├── group_challenges.csv
├── information_we_disclose_for_a_business_purpose.pdf
├── local_legend_segments.csv
├── logins.csv
├── media  [252 entries exceeds filelimit, not opening dir]
├── media.csv
├── memberships.csv
├── messaging.json
├── metering.csv
├── mobile_device_identifiers.csv
├── orders.csv
├── partner_opt_outs.csv
├── posts.csv
├── privacy_zones.csv
├── profile.csv
├── profile.jpg
├── reactions.csv
├── routes
│   └── 1.gpx
├── routes.csv
├── segments.csv
├── shoes.csv
├── social_settings.csv
├── starred_routes.csv
├── starred_segments.csv
├── support_tickets.csv
└── visibility_settings.csv

This directory contains a file activities.csv with the metadata and also a directory activities with the files that you have recorded.

Convert your checkout

Use the following command to create a directory from your Strava actitivies:

geo-activity-playground convert-strava-checkout ~/Downloads/export_123456/ ~/Documents/Outdoors/Playground

This should read through all the activities and create a directory structure with the pattern ~/Documents/Outdoors/Playground/Activities/{Kind}/{Equipment}/{Commute}/{Date} {Time} {Name}.{Suffix}. For instance one file might be named Activities/Run/5212701.0/2019-07-09 09-59-25 Around the 北京大学 campus.gpx.gz.

The equipment might have nonsensical seeming names like 10370891.0. The problem here is that Strava doesn't export the list of activities with that index. If your equipment doesn't have a nickname, it will just be such a number.

Use the directory

Now that the files from Strava are converted, consult the guide on using activity files to proceed from here.

Recording more activities

Now that you don't record via Strava, you will need some other app to record your activities. There are Apps like OsmAnd or OpenTracks which provide such functionality. Export the files as GPX, FIT, TCX or KML files and put them into the directory structure. On the next start of the program, they will be picked up.