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Installing Stable On Linux

In this how-to guide I will show you how you can install the latest stable version of this project on Linux.

Using PIP, you can install the latest version using this command:

pip install --user geo-activity-playground

If you get an error about the command pip not found, you will need to install that first. On Ubuntu or Debian use sudo apt install python3-pip, on Fedora or RedHat use sudo dnf install python3-pip. After you have installed PIP, repeat the above command.

Ensure that the PATH is correct

Next you can try to start the program by just entering the following into the terminal:

geo-activity-playground --help

If you get a help message, everything is fine. If you get an error about command not found, we need to adjust your PATH. Execute the following in your command line:

xdg-open ~/.profile

This brings up an editor with your shell profile. Add a line containing the following at the end of the file:


This adds the path to your shell environment. This becomes active after you log in again. In order to apply it also to your current shell session, execute export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin in the terminal window. Try the first command in this section again, you should see the help message now.

Upgrading to the latest version

At some later point you likely want to upgrade to the latest version. For this use this command:

pip install --user --upgrade geo-activity-playground