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I like to be outside and I like to record my outdoor activities with a GPX tracker. So far I have kept all my data with Strava and did some analyses there and also with Statshunters. This is already pretty nice.

There are some things which they don't offer, so I want to have a place to implement them. Also I want to support the option of using only local data. This makes this project attractive for people who have a stash of GPX or FIT files but no nice way to analyze their data.

The goal of this project is to import data either from local GPX/FIT files or the Strava API and provide some interesting insights into the data.

You can find the code on GitHub where you can also file issues. If you would like to use this yourself or contribute, feel free to reach out via the contact options from my website. I would especially appreciate improvements to the documentation. If you're familiar with Markdown and GitHub, you can also directly create a pull request.

This project is still in a early prototyping phase, I'm still changing a lot and some fundamental decisions are still not finally settled. So please keep in mind that it is all pretty brittle.

Get started

Install the software using one of the following options:

Get your activity data in place using one of the following options: