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We currently support two marketplaces directly, Bitstamp and Kraken. We support many more via the CCXT library. You only have to configure one of them, but you can also configure multiple.

You just have to specify which marketplace you want to use. Either do that on the General settings screen, or via another entry in the YAML file:

marketplace: "kraken"

You can specify either kraken, bitstamp or ccxt. The default currently is kraken.


Go to the Kraken API key page and create an API key which has the permission to trade.

There you need to create a new API key:

Be sure to select the Create & Modify Orders permission such that the program can actually execute orders. Give the least amount of permissions, you should not select Withdraw Funds if you don't want to enable the automatic withdrawal feature described below.

You will get an API key and an associated secret. In the GUI there are fields for that:

In the configuration file you add a paragraph like the following. The first will be API key and the second will be the secret, like this:

  key: "YOUR KEY"
  secret: "YOUR SECRET"

Fee policy

When you trade, you will have to pay a certain fee that depends on your Kraken account tier. Whatever these are exactly, you can choose whether you would like to have them taken away from your fiat or coin amount. If you let it take away from your coin amount, buying coin for 50 EUR will only cost exactly that, but you get a bit less coin. Should you rather choose to have it taken in fiat, you will get as much coin as you want, but it will cost you more fiat.

Kraken supports this as a flag to addOrder and has two options:

  • fcib prefer fee in base currency (default if selling)
  • fciq prefer fee in quote currency (default if buying, mutually exclusive with fcib)

As explained in their glossary, the quote currency is fiat, whereas the base currency is the coin.

We support this choice via the option prefer_fee_in_base_currency, which is false by default, so the fee is preferred in quote currency. If you set this to true, you can instead have it in the base currency and only spend exactly as much as you want.

In the GUI it is just a checkbox, in the configuration file you need to specify this:

  prefer_fee_in_base_currency: true

Automatic transfer to wallet

For this marketplace we support automatic transfers to an external wallet when the crypto volume is large enough. We query the current fees and only do the transfer when the fees are below a certain percentage of the value to transfer.

In order to set this up, you first need to have a withdrawal target. Go to the funding page, click on withdraw BTC for example. Then use “Add Address” to create a new address and give it some name. I call mine simply “Wallet”.

In the GUI you can add withdrawal entries and configure each like this:

In the configuration file, you add a section withdrawal to the kraken section:

      target: "Wallet"
      fee_limit_percent: 1.0

The API key that you use must have the Withdraw Funds permission.

After each trade the program will check whether you are above the fee limit and start the transfer. This way you can have your marketplace account as empty as you like.


In order to use Bitstamp, you need to set up an API key with them that has the correct permissions to trade with. Go to the settings menu and create a new key.

For the GUI you just fill in these three lines.

In the configuration file you need to add this paragraph:

  username: "username here"
  key: "key here"
  secret: "secret here"

Other exchanges via CCXT

Via the CCXT library we also support a long list of exchanges. We don't fully wrap the CCXT library but rather expose it to the user. This way you can use all the exchanges directly without us having to change this software at all. The caveat is that it is not directly clear what the configuration parameters should be. Likely most exchanges expect apiKey and secret.

In our configuration file you specify a block for ccxt and then name the exchange you want to use, taken from their list of exchanges. In the parameters section you specify the necessary parameters. We will pass those directly to CCXT.

  exchange: kraken
    apiKey: "…"
    secret: "…"

In the GUI you can also fill this in, for the parameters you just put the two last lines in.